A single app for all your communications

Communicate using a single app. Phone, chat, send pictures or videos and much more.

Make free unlimited phone calls to the Swiss fixed and mobile network – even from abroad.

Get more out of your landline. With iO@home, you can be reached anytime, anywhere in the world.

Your privacy is protected, thanks to secure data storage on Swisscom servers in Switzerland.

Feature of the month – Video Calling

Now you can see your beloved ones anywhere anytime and all for free.

You can make free video calls to any of your iO contacts. To make a video call, open the person's contact details and tap the camera icon.

Start your first iO Video Call now


You can call practically any number in Switzerland, Europe, Canada or the United States at an attractive flat rate (or for free in the case of some Swisscom customers).

  • Attractive monthly flat rates for unlimited phone calls to persons without iO.
  • Texting to all of your worldwide contacts who don’t yet have iO.

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With iO, incoming calls to your Swisscom fixed-line number ring simultaneously on your home phone and in the iO app on your iPad.

  • You can be reached on your fixed-line number anywhere in the world.
  • You can make unlimited phone calls to the Swiss and mobile network, also from abroad.

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With iO, chats and conversations are encrypted and the data remain securely stored in Switzerland. Your privacy is protected!

  • No use is made of your personal address book
  • Communication is secure and encrypted
  • All sensitive data remain in Switzerland

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